About Us

Reliance Telephone main headquarters is located in Grand Forks, ND. We operate a 24-hour service facility, and:

  • We are completely certified and registered with all agencies that regulate our business.
  • We have 31 years of experience installing and servicing telephone equipment and 25 years of experience with inmate systems.
  • We are insured and bonded for all the work we perform.
  • We continue to bring new equipment and services to counties to save staff time and decrease liability.
  • We promise more bottom line commission than our competitors.

We were one of the first, if not the first, inmate telephone company in the United States. We are a regional company, servicing Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wisconsin; we provide better service, not just because we are local but because we are more nimble and innovative to meet the changing correctional needs of counties than the national inmate telephone providers are. We listen to our county ideas and requests and respond to meet their needs.

We offer many features that deliver solid benefits to our customers, inmates and friends and family. One of the exclusive features we offer is our Free Inmate Voice Messaging. We provide this service free to the friends and family and the recorded messages are available on your network with over a year’s worth of storage. Another exclusive feature is our Inmate Help Line. This help line allows the inmates to speak to a live operator and assist them with their problems, saving your jail staff time and hassle and gets more calls connected. And perhaps one of the most important features is our Reliance Direct Billing. We started direct billing customers in 1997 and have established over 300,000 customers since that time. This database of customer information is directly accessible from your recording research software. We also allow friends and family the ability to purchase Phone Cards Online. This has increased our phone card revenue by an additional 35%.

Our latest enhancement to our phone system is our new RWIS Software. This is the Reliance Web Information System that resides on your local network, or via a DSL connection. Our system configuration allows you to maintain ultimate control and keep multiple copies of all recorded phone calls on site in your building, on the security of your private network as well as the option to allow access through the Internet.

We have the most accommodating, proactive billing methodology in the inmate telephone business. We allow all initial calls to go through to local telephone company land lines. When an inmate dials a number we let the call proceed and determine the next morning if the call is billable or if we have to contact them to sign the customer up for a direct billing account. Even if we don’t get paid on these calls, we still pay you, and assure you we pay you on all calls that leave your jail. We also monitor all telephone call attempts to all other numbers that aren't directly billable, and then call each of these potential customers and explain that someone in jail is trying to reach them and encourage them to establish an account. We are the only company that calls all of these potention customers to try to set up new accounts.